Wonderful Copenhagen


Copenhagen is the capital and largest city of Denmark, with an urban population of 1,263,698 (2015) and a metropolitan population of almost 2 mill. Copenhagen is situated on the islands of Zealand and Amager.

Official language in Denmark
Danish and English as second language.

The currency in Denmark is Danish Kroner (DKK). 100 DKK is equivalent to 13.4 EUR or 16.7 USD.

Weather in Copenhagen in September
The temperature during the daytime in September is about 15-20°C.

Safety in Copenhagen
Copenhagen is a safe city with a very low crime rate. Nevertheless, good urban and cautious behavior is always recommended.

Transportation in Copenhagen
The public transport infrastructure of Copenhagen is among the most efficient and reliable in the world, and it is still being developed and improved. Public transport will get you anywhere you wish to go in the capital region.
Copenhagen offers various possibilities for public transportation. You can jump on the bus, get on the train directly to Central Station (Københavns Hovedbanegård). Due to the good infrastructure, it’s very easy to get around in Copenhagen.
The meeting venue is situated within walking distance of Vesterport and the Central Station (Københavns Hovedbanegård).
Tickets: The same ticket can be used in the metro, bus, train and harbor bus. More information about tickets and prices can be found by clicking here. Always have your ticket with you in case a controller wants to see it. Traveling without a valid ticket will result in a fine.
Taxi: All taxis run on meter and they all take credit cards.

Emergency contacts
Emergency: 112
Police emergency: 114
Copenhagen Police: +45 33 14 88 88
Doctor: 118
Congress Agency: +45 60 21 74 21

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